Thursday, March 10, 2011


Come join me and the MOMS Club of Fishers for a "ZUMBA for the Cause" event on Saturday, March 19th from 9-10:30 am at Fall Creek Community Church in Fishers.  100% of the proceeds will go straight to the Megan S. Ott Foundation, which provides support and resources for families suffering with breast cancer.  Not only will you get an amazing workout, but you will be supporting a great cause!  I hope to see you there!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ice Storm

On Wednesday, Feb 2nd Keith went out to really get an estimate of how much ice we got. He busted up these two chunks off the driveway - they estimated about 2 1/2 inches! The drive way and roads are like an ice ring. Once more day stuck in doors at least, esp. with this massive ice everywhere. Keith loved it, but just a reminder to me how I need to live somewhere warmer - I hate winter!

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Ken and Karen came in the weekend before Keith's birthday to celebrate with him (more pics to come - most were taken with the Newbrough's camera).  Karen made his favorite meal and a massive ice cream cake for him, then we celebrated with a meal at Outback.  They left on Monday, luckily before the winter storm hit on Tuesday - Keith's actual birthday.  We spent the day huddled up inside, because fortunately he did not have to go into work.  It was a nasty storm, accumulating around 2 inches of ice and as a result nasty roads, and of course those wicked Indiana winds.  However, we made the best of it - staying warm indoors (thanks to the fact we did not lose our electricity), and I made homemade potato soup and pepperoni rolls to warm us up.  It actually was a nice day and for Keith - it was perfect.  The weatherman-wannabe loved the crazy weather and even took Sadie for a walk in the ice storm.  :)

 Enjoying a family day indoors on Keith's birthday

 Do not make fun of his cake - he wanted a piece of a Cookie Co. cake, but did not want a huge one, plus we had 80% of a 9x13" ice cream cake left over from the weekend.  But, of course he had to blow out candles - so this was a makeshift cake.  ;)

 Wearing Daddy's snow shoes - she thought this was hysterical!

 Samantha's gifts to Daddy - cologne, a hand-print poem, a sun-catcher that she painted, a new pic of her and a card that she drew a picture in (okay scribbled on, but it was adorable nonetheless)  ;)

 We used Fingerpaint to make Samantha's hand prints and then by her name at the bottom, she put her own lipstick print kiss - too cute!

 What a dedicated man - in the midst of his birthday and an ice storm, he still spent much of the day studying!  We both cannot wait until May and these oral boards to be over!!

 His main gift - a new 42" TV for the bedroom, which he was so excited about!  Now, at least during football season we will not have to fight for downstairs TV, because this is almost as big.

Disney on Ice

On January 19th, Keith treated us all to the Disney on Ice:  Toy Story show in downtown Indy.  It was fabulous!  Poor Sami was so sick that day, with watery eyes, a cough and a horrible runny nose - but bless her heart, she was a trooper.  It lasted from 7-9pm (past her bedtime anyway) and she watched the whole thing, with her baby bear and blanket to bring her comfort.  It truly was magical!

Dressed up for the show!

 One of her many beloved babies and blanket joined us to help her feel better. 

 So beautiful - the pics do not do it justice!

So blurry - but the best pic that came out of us. 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Another year, another resolution...

I have decided to do one resolution - easy that it is just one, but at times it might be hardest to keep. If anyone is a great example of this it is my husband - he never complains and probably deserves this as his motto as much as anyone


Live not as if the cup is half empty or half full...rather live knowing it is overflowing!

Playing in the Snow

Daddy and Samantha love the snow (I am admittedly a warm-weather gal) so they enjoyed some play time in one of the many snowy days we have had.  My 2 loves are precious, aren't they?!  :)

Merry Christmas

We had a wonderful Christmas!  It was fun seeing Samantha come down to Santa's gifts - she was enamored with HoHo leading up to Christmas, so she was very aware this year that HoHo was coming to see her.  We also talked with her about Jesus and how it was His birthday on Christmas.  It was great to see her begin to appreciate both of these special parts of Christmas. 

While it is not about the presents, it was fun to see her rip into her gifts and play with her toys.  At times it was overwhelming for her and we took much needed rest and play breaks - which were wonderful.  I also got to bring a piece of my family's tradition to the Newbrough, with my Mom's beloved Sausage fondue that morning (missed you Mama) - a tradition I want to be a part of Samantha's Christmas every year.  :)  We missed my family, but were grateful to be surrounded by many loved ones and to see Samantha relishing in the day.

Keith's family made Christmas very special and of course spoiled our little girl - she is very lucky to be surrounded by so much love! 

 Santa brought this cool fashion tent with working runway lights and can be plugged into an mp3 player (or Ipod) to play music.  That way Samantha could strut down the runway with all her new dress up clothes.  :)

 Playing in her tent with baby Mickey

 Some toys from Santa and Nana & Papa.  This was a great toy that changes from a kitchen to a baby care center, to a school, to a doctor center - she loved it!  Thanks - we love and missed you Nana and Papa

 Get goofy with her new microphone - this way she can sing louder and with her press of her foot have a backup band.  Too cool!  :)

 Daddy sporting the PJs I picked out for him "What happens under the mistletoe, stays under the mistletoe" - his only year get him PJ pants with a button.  ;)  hehe  Also, Mickey was not his present, Samantha put him in the pic.

 Sadie tearing through the gifts - hysterical to watch

 Our little chef  ;)  Thanks Nana & Papa for the new baking set  :)

 Papaw Newbrough sporting his Christmas PJs and a smile - thank you Papaw for all the wonderful gifts and memories - we love you dearly!

 Daddy's face shows how difficult it is to get to these kids' gifts - they pack and zip tie them well.  ;)  Thanks Yaya and Papaw for the cool guitar.  :)

 Karen (Yaya) opening a special necklace from Ken - Christmas is also Karen's birthday, so we had a lot of celebrating to do.  We hope you had a special birthday, Yaya!

 Christmas was so special and so exhausting.....

Thank you to all our family - near and far!  You all made Christmas so special and we love you all dearly!  We are so blessed to have you all in our lives!

And a big thank you to God that Samantha did not come home wondering when she was getting more presents - between an early birthday in NC in November, a birthday party on Dec 21 (early) in WV, us singing happy birthday to her on Dec 22 (her real birthday), and Christmas - whew - I thought for sure, she would think this was a daily event.  Thankfully, she was happy as a clam -- good thing, because we are now officially broke.  ;)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Christmas PJ Tradition

Year 2 of the Christmas PJs - as started by Keith.  He surprises me and I him, so needless to say we do not pick the most attractive.  ;)  Even Samantha gets a special pair.  The only rule - you have to wear them from Christmas Eve and through ALL of Christmas day!  Even Ken and Karen got into the tradition this year.

Christmas Eve Celebrations

Our Christmas Eve celebration at Tammie's house - thanks for hosting Tammie!

 Keith bragging about the Snuggie Tammie got him - I am so jealous!  I need my own Snuggie ;)

 Samantha did this to me - and wanted the photo.  So, oh well - what you do to make your child smile  ;)
 Rocking out!